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Singing is an integral part of First Nations cultures throughout North America —so integral in fact,that many Aboriginal languages don’t have a word for “music.” People sing day or night to thank Mother Earth for all her gifts; to express love; to heal the sick; to ask for a successful hunt; to seek guidance.


  • Stunning ultra-high relief features extra-deep ontours that have been carved into the coin’s surface and can only be achieved through additional strikes and extensive hand-crafting and polishing. The colourful enamel which accents painstakingly applied by hand.
  • Features an original design by renowned Canadian artist Andy Everson of the K’ómoks and Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations in British Columbia.
  • An exceptional celebration of First Nations art and heritage.
  • Limited to an exclusive 300 coins worldwide—a numismatic masterpiece of the highest order and an exceptional collecting opportunity.


Renowned Canadian artist Andy Everson has created this coin’s bold and unique representation of a singing moon. The moon lights up the night sky as it sends its melodic voice in all four directions as depicted by the four oblong shapes positioned along its circumference. In response, the stars twinkle and dance, as represented by the dots and round contours between the oblong shapes. Every curve and detail is imbued with the rich artistic traditions of the K’ómoks and Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations in British Columbia.

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