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Bullion Mart is the trusted dealer of silver and gold. We give you focused, up-to-minute pricing and we ensure your precious metals reach your doorway carefully and completely guaranteed.

Trading your Gold & Silver Bullions at Bullion Mart is the hassle-free way to GET THE MOST out of YOUR COINS AND BULLION!

Why Bullion Mart ?

Bullion Mart is one of Canada’s leading, experienced, well respected wholesaler and retailer in the precious metal industry in Canada. It is strategically located at Suite 1104, 27 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON, M5C 2M6 the financial headquarter of Canada, with a collective experience of over 3 decades from different parts of the world bullion market.

Over the years, Bullion Mart has become the significant and of one of the very few precious metal account holders of ScotiaMocatta (part of Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets).

Under the dynamic leadership and ownership of Mr. Moniruz Zaman, with a team of experienced and veteran Banking and Financial professionals, Bullion Mart has now become a brand and household name in the precious metals market and well reputed among its competitor in Canada.

Bullion Mart strives to consistently provide cutting edge technology and up-to-minute market analysis to keep their customers update in this extremely volatile market. As one of Canada’s leading silver and gold bullion dealers, Bullion Mart provide it clients with the best possible customer experience in the industry.

Bullion Mart’s goal is to build long-term loyalty with our clients through outstanding service, above and beyond that which is offered at other financial institutions and gold dealers, a mantra of our company for over years.

Bullion Mart

(A Division of Asia Pacific International)

1104-27 Queen Street (E)
Tel : +1 416 928 0707 / +1 416 924 3222
Fax : +1 416 924 0111
Website : www.bullionmart.ca
Nature of Business : Bullion Dealers since two decades

Associate Offices

  • Bullion Bulletin, 1407 -27 Queen Street (E), Toronto, ON M5C 2M6, Canada
    Tel : +1 416 928 0707 / +1 416 924 3222
  • Silver Gold Express, A-301 – 16 Mallard Road, North York, Toronto M3B 0A7, Canada
    Tel : +1 647 483 8883, Fax : +1 647 490 4200

Vision & Mission


To be a single window global dealer of choice for supply and services in the bullion industry


To provide hallmark quality products, services and support with unmatched ethics and reliability as our guiding core principles, in dealings with ALL our stakeholders


Privately Held


Moniruz Zaman – President & CEO
Shahanima Zaman – Director
Vinod Kumar Patel – CFO
Julia Shutter – Director (Global Outreach)
Dr. M. A. Ali- Compliance Officer

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