2014 $2 Special Edition Specimen Set Baby Rabbits

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One of North America’s most common rabbit species, the brown and grey-coloured eastern cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus) can be found in rural and urban areas within southern Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba. While gardeners and farmers may bemoan the cottontail’s appetite for flowers and vegetables, animal lovers of all ages delight in the sight of this mammal with a cotton ball-like tail, as it forages and scampers through green spaces, yards and grassy fields.

Cottontails are solitary animals that are most active from dusk until dawn. Out of necessity, they’re fast! Their quick bursts of speed and a zigzag running pattern is one of the species’ few defence mechanisms against such predators as hawks, owls, coyotes, weasels and even humans. 

Remarkably, young rabbits (known as kits) are born blind and largely hairless, with a birth weight of less than 28 grams each. In preparation for the birth, the female (or doe) creates a shallow nest in the ground and lines it with her fur. In the wild, the doe can deliver up to seven litters per year throughout her three- to five-year lifespan, with each litter averaging five kits. Despite their vulnerability at birth, these young cottontails grow quickly and by the seventh week, they’re ready to venture out into the world all on their own. 

A wonderful gift to begin a young person’s coin collection, and a unique learning tool that teaches them about Canada’s wildlife. Order yours today!

Special features:

•   Your beautifully detailed two-dollar coin is only available in this collection, which also includes Canada’s other 2014 circulation coins – all bearing the distinct lined background of a specimen finish.
•   The 2014 Special Edition Specimen Set is the 5th set in the Royal Canadian Mint’s young wildlife series.
•   The finish on your coins combines brilliant and frosted relief over a lined background. No other mint in the world offers coins with this kind of finish.
•   Your set comes protected by a customized beauty box that features the heartwarming image of two baby rabbits.
•   A striking addition to your Canadiana or nature-themed collection.
•   Mintage is limited to only 17,500 sets worldwide.

Designed by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc, the image on your $2 bimetallic coin is of two young eastern cottontail rabbits that are rendered in exquisite detail in a three-quarter portrait. Kept relatively hidden by the tall grass and vegetation that surrounds them, these furry cottontails sit quietly as they take in the scents, sights and sounds of their environment. 


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