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With its black and yellow colouring, the magnolia warbler (Setophaga magnolia) instantly adds to the beauty of its surroundings as it cheerfully sings from the safety of the surrounding trees. From Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia, this small songbird is a welcome summer resident of Canada’s forests and is forever immortalized in this coloured fine silver coin.

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2015 $10 Fine Silver Coin Colorful Songbird of Canada: The Magnolia Warbler

Product Details

Designed by Hélène Stephen Girard, Songbird of Canada is celebrating magnolia warbler (Setophaga magnolia) in Fine Silver Coins. This magnificent creature is beautifully painted in 2015 10 Fine Silver Coin showcasing the beauty and the sweetness of this magnificent creature. Depicted beautifully on these 99.99% pure silver coin, the yellow and black bird, among thriving trees, will fill your heart and soul with its cheerful singing.

Main Features of 2015 10 Fine Silver Coin

  • Hélène Stephen Girard has designed it with 99.99% Fine Silver
  • vibrant of Songbird of Canada, which aims to capture the beauty of most distinct birds of Canada.
  • 2015 10 Fine Silver Coins depicts the magnolia warble which is small songbird of yellow and black colors, with a grey crown on the head.
  • The side-profile portrait of the magnolia warble is painted with the best quality and most reliable colours. The engraved black and yellow underpart of the bird, along banded wings and tail, gives it a significantly realistic appearance.
  • To maintain the exclusivity, only 10 fine silver coins with colored songbird of Canada, have been released in the market.
  • A bird lover cannot ask for more in an investment good, which will ensure security and will facilitate the opportunity to celebrate the love for birds.
  • The coins are launched monthly from March 2015 to Gregorian calendar month 2015.
  • It is Guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • This is the second coin in 5-C

Don’t wait, add this beauty to your cart and possess your own 2015 10 Fine Silver Coin or gift it to a loved and be their darling forever!

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