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As Canada’s flag celebrates its 50th anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint pays tribute to the maple leaf as a national symbol with a stunning coin that captures the natural beauty of the sugar maple leaf (Acer saccharum).


An exceptional depiction of several sugar maple leaves, which have been beautifully engraved with the artistry and craftsmanship for which the Royal Canadian Mint is internationally renowned.

Fhe specimen finish background showcases the design’s finer details, such as the deeply cut, intricate veins that run through each leaf’s lobes and the slightly furled margins.

An excellent addition to any Canadiana- or naturethemed collection and a thoughtful gift to mark memorable milestones and treasured achievements with one of Canada’s most treasured symbols: the maple leaf!

The reverse image features a design by Canadian artist Celia Godkin, which beautifully showcases four maple leaves of various sizes. These leaves are from a sugar maple tree (Acer saccharum), and are depicted as they would be found in the wooded areas of Eastern Canada; growing on a twig at the very end of a branch, they stir ever so gently in the warm summer breeze. Detailed engraving brings to life their characteristics, including the vein ridges that run through each leaf’s five lobes.

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