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A powerful symbol of the Canadian experience, the maple leaf has the ability to evoke a swelling sense of national pride while reminding us of the beauty of the landscape. This beloved icon is celebrated in the latest Maple Leaf Forever coin, which pairs an inspirational design with the innovative use of colour technology.


A one-kilogram coin crafted from 99.99% pure silver,with a limited mintage of just 500 coins worldwide.

This stunning kilo is enhanced with a unique combination of vibrant natural colour and selective gold plating. The first time these technologies have been combined on an RCM kilo!

The variations of red, yellow and orange colours recreate the leaf’s natural appearance while masterfully capturing the beauty of Canada’s national emblem in the autumn landscape.

At four inches, the coin’s large diameter presents the perfect-sized canvas for the outstanding level of technical precision and detailing that bring this striking artistic design to life!

Beautifully packaged in a wooden collector case and a graphic beauty box that compliments the coin design.

This is an exclusive collecting opportunity for those seeking to own a one-of-a-kind coin that is breathtaking from both an artistic and technical point-of-view.


The reverse design by Canadian artist Julius Csotonyi features outstanding full colour over the engraved depiction of a maple leaf, which is seen here as part of Canada’s stunning autumn landscape. In a wooded area, the cool autumn breeze has already caused brightly coloured maple
leaves to tumble down to the ground. Each leaf is brought to life through careful engraving and a vibrant mix of red, yellow, orange and green colours; these give the leaf pile a natural look and feel while providing a colourful backdrop to the fallen tree. Detailed engraving masterfully recreates the rough texture of the fissured bark, upon which lays the beloved Canadian icon: a maple leaf. It, too, is resplendent in full colour against the muted colours of the tree trunk, while shadows subtly infuse the breathtaking design with a sense of light, depth and dimension.

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