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First issued in 1979, our Gold Maple Leaf (GML) remains one of the most sought-after bullion coins of its kind — 2019 PURE GOLD MAPLE LEAF FRACTIONAL SET is one of them – one that is coveted by investors and cherished by collectors worldwide. This gold fractional set is an exceptional tribute to the bullion coin’s 40-year history, with a number of design elements that evoke its reputation as a symbol of excellence, beauty, purity and innovation.


Face Value Composition Weight (g) Diameter (mm) Edge
50 dollars Pure gold (99.99% pure) with enamel 31.16 30 Interrupted Serrations
10 dollars Pure gold (99.99% pure) 7.8 20 Serrated
5 dollars 3.14 16 Serrated
1 dollar 1.58 14.1 Serrated


  • A MINT FIRST: TRANSLUCENT ENAMEL ON GOLD! We’re celebrating history by making history: the
    1 oz. coin in 2019 PURE GOLD MAPLE LEAF FRACTIONAL SET is our very FIRST gold coin to feature translucent enamel, and it’s only available as part of
    this set.
  • CELEBRATING 40 YEARS: All four coins in this fractional set (1 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/10 oz., 1/20 oz.) share a
    botanical art-inspired design that emphasizes the maple leaf’s natural beauty. It’s a classic design
    that transcends time — just like the iconic reverse of our Gold Maple Leaf (GML) bullion coin, which
    made its debut 40 years ago.
  • MARKING THE OCCASION: As a nod to the 40-year history of the Gold Maple Leaf (GML), each
    reverse is double-dated (“1979 – 2019”) and features a special privy mark.
  • ON THE EDGE: The 1 oz. coin also features edge lettering that extends the milestone celebration
    beyond the reverse. The inscription reads “05.09.79” — the day our Gold Maple Leaf (GML) made its
    world debut.
  • FEATURES 1979 EFFIGY: In keeping with the historical nature of this celebration, the obverse re-creates
    the effigy that appeared on our very first Gold Maple Leaf (GML) issued in 1979.
  • OUTSTANDING CRAFTSMANSHIP AND PURITY: The maple leaves dazzle in a luminous reverse-proof
    finish, which places the focus on the highly detailed engraving that gives each leaf a life-like
    appearance — and all in the gleam of 99.99% pure gold.
  • READY TO SHOWCASE WITH PRIDE: All four coins are packaged together side-by-side in a hinged,
    maple leaf-shaped case. It’s a fitting way to store and display these maple-themed coins that will
    bring added prestige to your collection!


All four coins in 2019 PURE GOLD MAPLE LEAF FRACTIONAL SET are 99.99% pure gold and share the same reverse design by Canadian artist Nathalie Lagacé. Presented in the style of botanical art, three different sizes of sugar maple (Acersaccharum) leaves are gently overlapped to ensure an unobstructed view of the finely engraved details, which dazzle in a reverse-proof finish. The privy mark “40 YEARS – ANS” is struck on each reverse, along with the double dates “1979” and “2019” to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Gold Maple Leaf (GML).

On the 1 oz. coin, the celebration extends beyond the reverse thanks to edge lettering, which reads “05.09.79” for September 5, 1979, the day the  Gold Maple Leaf (GML) was officially released to the world. The reverse also includes a colourful, innovative twist that sets this large coin apart: translucent enamel (a first for a gold coin), which adds a beautiful green hue to the leaves.

As seen on the first Gold Maple Leaf (GML) issued in 1979, each obverse features the effigy of
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth by Arnold Machin.

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