2017 $2,500 Pure Gold Coin in the eyes of the Timber Wolf 154137

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The eyes of a northern timber wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) are quick to size up any intrusion into its territory across the varied terrain of western Canada; yet its glowing gaze also conveys a sense of wisdom, pride and an enigmatic intelligence—as beautifully conveyed on the fourth coin in an annual series that features exquisite enamel-enhanced portraits of Canada’s wildlife.

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The reverse design by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc features a superbly detailed portrait of a timber wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis), which is also known as the Mackenzie Valley wolf. A close view of the wolf’s facial features dominates the reverse, where the selective application of a chartreuse-like coloured enamel to each iris immediately pulls the focus towards the animal’s unforgettable gaze. The colour effect adds a glowing intensity to the eyes, which appear to be fixed on the viewer. Breaking free from this unrelenting stare, a careful study of the wolf’s other features reveals an outstanding amount of detail throughout the design. Advanced finishing and shading techniques enhance the intricate engraving, and provide a realistic sense of depth, texture and contrast to the wolf’s ears, nose, mouth and fur.

  • A breathtaking 1-kilogram coin crafted from 99.99% pure gold.
  • Feel the unrelenting stare of the wild as you lock eyes with one of western Canada’s iconic wolf species.
  • Fourth in the annual series of pure gold coins featuring selective enamel-enhanced portraits of Canada’s iconic wildlife.
  • The selective application of chartreuse-like coloured enamel adds a bold intensity to the eyes, which seem to stare directly at the viewer.
  • The artistry and craftsmanship ensure a life-like feel to the image, as made evident by the remarkably textured appearance of the wolf’s thick fur.
  • Previous coins in the series sold out quickly. With an extremely low mintage of just 10 coins worldwide, this elegant piece is sure to be an exclusive and highly valued collectible.


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