World Trends: Impacting Billions through Bullions

“Gold was a gift to Jesus. If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!”
Perhaps, the quote happens to have gone down way too swiftly with the people.

The ever-increasing bullion commodities mapping across the worldwide space owns the testament which gallantly hallmarks the widespread acceptance of the precious metals in the pure raw form.

Having said or hinted towards this ‘greatest extravaganza’ in the precious metals domain which not only encompass the mighty gold & silver in the raw form but also it’s companions is counter impacting the global human race.

Be it the industrial or the technological upsurge or just the plain logic of expanding population; the market has eventually seen much greater heights which in turn is impacting the planetary race. Yes, a symbiotic relation indeed!

A deep critical insight of this analysis has been even on the notes of John Reade, Chief Market Strategist at the World Gold Council wherein he discussed the sustained increase in demand for physical gold more appropriately the ‘gold bullion’ among a range of investors encompassing Chinese savers and central banks worldwide.

‘Evident analysis’ – Central banks locking up the eyes on gold

The hypothetical yet confirmatory title to this abstract has potent premises which clearly state how the world populations over the world are turning to ‘buy the bullion’ anthem lately.

What other promising logic would be available other than the central banks over the world engaging into hefty investments on those gold and silver blocks!

The widespread engagements of the central banks in gold investing over the last year have some promising take-away for the investors in general, especially when this mass investment has been on extreme breadth and diversity.

The underlying principle which triggered the mighty central banks heads to turn to gold investing has the traditional main stay of seeing this bullion investment as in terms of prioritizing safety and liquidity!

These gold reserves in the central banks are on a very certain uphill!

Total purchases totaled out at 351.5 tonnes in the first 10 months of 2018, up by 17% from last year. This trend even happens to be the strongest showing since 2015.

These world trends have another striking feature to note; yes a little more welcoming for some drastically evolving economies like India and China.

Historically evident, countries namely Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey were among the most consistent buyers and investing nations, almost engaging in regular monthly purchases. But, surprisingly the year 2018 saw some previously inactive central banks, including Poland, Hungary and India, buying gold much more enthusiastically.

Bullion and the Economy

Bullion’s impact on the economy basically peaks and valleys depending on the relative stability of other prevailing investments.

There isn’t a doubt that when other investments seem too risky, the bullion way of investing in precious metals always looks like good bait. In fact, one can easily tell how healthy a particular economy is from the price of the bullion commodity specifically gold.

Structural Shifts: Significant enough

Call it the tech bloom or the cashless societal shift, the bullion investing space has a win and win scenario becoming the prime focal of liquid assets. While the end universal impact is holistic encompassing in return the various niche of applications from industrial and technological advancements to electronic fabrications as those used in novel IOT.

While this association of demands and investing inclinations is cumulative, thus a much phenomenal bloom ahead could be procrastinated or precisely prophesized!

There exists a distinguishing categorical explanation to macro and micro types of these structural shifts basically arising due to the intensity of the parameters contributing this investment bloom.

Here’s the news!

“Google Pay joins digital gold rush, set to launch Gold as investment plan soon”
(Courtesy: ET Bureau |Mar 23, 2019, 06.28 AM IST)

What other testament one needs after witnessing the tantalizing news update!

Perhaps; a clear testimonial of the “precious metal parade”. Get yourself equipped and rush to collect the glittering bullions which are much anxious to enter your bank lockers. Yes; they indeed are.

So, while witnessing the supreme conclusion of the direct effects of this bullion rush, one should by now be convinced that this revolution is meant to encompass all of us and at the very moment.

Why shut off that open door of opportunity of being the beholders of such a novel revolution??

Yes the bullion revolution!