We find it our immense pleasure to announce that the  founder of Bullion Mart, Mr Moniruz Zaman, has been bestowed with the honorary award of “Top Enterprise Award 2018” on June 15, 2018 for his outstanding contribution to the fields of business, journalism and philanthropy at an award gala organized by Transformation Institute for Leadership & Innovation, Canada. Mr Zaman – The Gold Guru as highly known in Canada was among the TOP 12 Award Recipients this year who were honored for their immense contribution to their respective fields and created examples for the present and future generations.

Mr Zaman will also be featuring in the world class coffee table book titled “150 Extraordinary Canadians: Our Leadership and Innovation Legacy” which was launched at the Awards night. This will also be presented via television, a documentary film, interstitials and a multimedia presentation as a part of the Envision Canada initiative.

After immigrating to Canada in the early 2000’s, he has certainly made a name for himself in the Canadian business community as a passionate and hardworking family man. He is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific Group Limited, Asia Pacific International Inc, The Bullion Mart, and Silver Gold Express. For the past three decades, he has created global mines to market company from the ground up. In addition to working directly with precious metals, he is only one of six authorized Royal Canadian Mint dealers in the province. Furthermore, he was the first Bangladeshi publisher to bring a Bengali newspaper to the international market and served as the President of the Canada- Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce for 15 years. Beyond his professional accolades, he is an active member in his community, contributing to causes close to his heart such as education, accessible healthcare and youth engagement.

“I am excited and humbled to be listed amongst such incredible nominees”, says Mr. Zaman. Also adding, “Their dedication to their respective crafts, and passion for their local communities is inspiring, and I only hope to add to their good work in the Canadian community”. Concluding his speech, he also left an inspiring message to the youth of Canada and specially the budding entrepreneurs by saying- “The best way to predict your future, is to create it”.

The Transformation Institute holds the Annual Transformation Awards program every year. Since 2010, the program has identified and honored role models who become mentors for the Crossover Mentorship Program, which includes the Phenomenal Women and the Men of Distinction initiatives and prepares mentors for youth and more. The event was witnessed with red carpet reception, networking, sumptuous dinner, great entertainment, inspiring recipients, high profile presenters and a classy ceremony with many VIPs.


What needs drive the modern consumer? How can a business thrive in a constantly evolving market? What kind of service is most valuable in the volatile world of precious metals? These are just a few of the questions that inspire Moniruz Zaman, president and CEO of Toronto-based distributor Bullion Mart, to drive his business forward.

Concentrating on refining, production, and distribution of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, Bullion Mart has been in business for more than 30 years, and has been headed by Zaman from the beginning. Buoyed by his extensive industry experience, Zaman leads his company in maintaining a steady focus on the most crucial element of all: the client.

“In the time we’ve been in business, we’ve learned it is absolutely essential to remain focused on the needs of our customers,” says Zaman. “Our longstanding experience in the precious metals industry has helped us develop a reputation for quality assurance, which we take very seriously.”

The needs of the customer are the primary consideration for Moniruz Zaman, president and CEO of Toronto’s Bullion Mart, in conducting his business dealings.

Bullion Mart delivers on that promise of quality by not only serving customers’ immediate needs, but also keeping them informed on the ‘big picture.’ It employs numerous research strategies to build a comprehensive understanding of the market, and dedicates itself to sharing that understanding with clients. Zaman says keeping customers, investors, and other stakeholders informed is a major company goal.

“We build clients’ trust by servicing their needs quickly and with their goals in mind, offering more purchasing options, access to quality products, and pertinent, real-time information,” he explains. “For example, Bullion Mart has implemented a system allowing individuals to purchase precious metals based on the current live-market spot prices. That’s important to investors and the precious metals market as a whole, as it allows them to benefit from immediate pricing fluctuations.”

Going digital

Bullion Mart prioritizes ethical practices in its dealings, ensuring external partners and internal employees alike are treated fairly.

Perhaps the natural companion of Bullion Mart’s emphasis on up-to-the-minute data is emphasis on the world’s most up-to-the-minute resource: the Internet. The company makes good on its commitment to offering customers responsive, need-driven service by incorporating a strong e-commerce component.

“There is no question the Internet has revolutionized all commerce, everywhere,” Zaman says. “It’s not just important for a company to have an online presence, it’s absolutely essential.”

According to market research portal Statista, in 2013, 19.5 million people in Canada used the Internet to browse, conduct research, or compare products. This year, that number is expected to rise to 22.5 million, or 63 per cent of the country’s population. (For more information, visit www.statista.com/statistics/379437/number-of-online-shoppers-in-canada.)

“Nowhere else can you get the kind of real-time data that is available online,” says Zaman. “In 2018, if you’re not online, you are nowhere.”

In addition to maintaining the company website and the real-time data it offers, Bullion Mart stays ahead of the digital game by establishing highly active social media profiles.

“Social media plays a huge role in today’s world,” says Zaman. “In business, this role involves connecting customers with the company on a personal level. This is why we strive to keep our social media pages up to date—in order to connect and market our brand.”

The company rounds out its online initiatives by putting regular effort into exploring the industry first-hand. Zaman and his executive team frequently travel to attend conferences, seminars, and other events, gathering information on the latest trends and market developments to better inform Bullion Mart’s business dealings.

Troubles of the trade

Bullion Mart is a refiner, producer, and distributor of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

No industry is completely without its challenges—a fact of which Zaman is well aware. He holds a realistic view of the ever-fluctuating nature of the precious metals business, as well as the growing problem of supply and demand discrepancies.

“To cite a small example, the world’s gold depository would not be sufficient to even fill the Washington Monument,” he says. “Global gold supply does not even meet a fraction of the demand of India and China, let alone the world.”

So, in a world of dwindling resources, what’s a distributor to do? In Zaman’s case, the plan is simple: stay on your feet and trust what you’re selling.

“We go with the flow no matter what,” he says. “It is common knowledge the world economy has been rapidly changing the last couple of decades, and no industry has been safe from its knocks and turns. However, bullion is a time-tested and trusted investment, considered by many to be the ultimate monetary policy. Whenever there has been a global crisis, bullion acts as the captain of the ship, leading the world economy to safer waters.”

A trusted source

Bullion Mart’s success relies on a blend of ethical practice, a strong digital presence, and customer-first thinking.

Even if a business is able to overcome the inherent challenges of the industry, it still ultimately relies on the trust of the customer—a matter Bullion Mart takes very seriously. Zaman stresses the importance of committing to ethical, transparent business practices and providing proof of responsible procedures. For instance, the company deals in London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)-approved gold bars and is an official partner of the Royal Canadian Mint.

“We always maintain the highest ethical standards in all our operations, no matter the scale of the client’s needs or interests,” says Zaman. “The fundamental principles of ethical conduct, integrity, and trustworthiness are our guiding values.”

In Zaman’s view, having respect for rules such as those set by the Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most important practices for any company. He also says full and regular screening of customers and suppliers is essential to providing excellent service.

“It may seem unnecessary to do extensive due diligence, but it is very important to ensure the legitimacy of transactions. Ethical practices should be promoted internally as well as externally,” he says. “That’s why it’s important to maintain good relations with suppliers, customers, and employees. There must be a level of commitment to providing the best-quality products and services in a timely manner.”

In other words, ethical practice doesn’t just mean ensuring customers and suppliers are treated fairly. Employee satisfaction is also a key part of the equation. Thus, Bullion Mart takes measures to support its internal staff as extensively as its external partners, letting them know they are valued and maintaining a positive environment in which they can work.

Aiming high

Zaman has no intention of letting his company’s growth slow down in the coming years. He plans to combine Bullion Mart’s digital platform with its core strengths of ethical practice and responsive, informative customer service to spearhead an ambitious growth plan, guiding the company to break the $1-billion turnover mark by 2022.

“This will be achieved through an aggressive plan of strategic global collaboration and a dramatic expansion of our footprint through extensive franchising, print, digital, and social media outreach, augmented by an expanded professional global sales and marketing team,” says Zaman. “Our strong customer service and reputation founded on quality assurance are essential to the continuous development of our company.”



THIS WEEKEND kicks off the precious metals chit-chat and all-round fun-fest of the bullion market’s key industry event, the annual LBMA conference……cleverly timed this year to take place in Barcelona.

Conference Overview

  • Senior representatives attending from all sectors of the precious metals market
  • Widely regarded as the premier event in the industry calendar
  • In its 18th year, providing insight into vital issues affecting the precious metals market
  • Excellent programme and line up of speakers
  • Great opportunity for networking with clients, colleagues and making new business contacts






You’ll find all the breaking news and views from the world’s premier gold, silver and platinum conference here on Gold News . Including the ever-popular crystal-balls game of getting 700 or so industry insiders to say where they think the gold price will stand by the time of next year’s event.


More luck next time, right? Or maybe keep an eye on the Barcelona forecast for October 2018…and use it as a contrarian indicator. Or maybe just accept that a crowd will, in aggregate, tend to forecast a 5-10% gain over the next 12 months, unless the previous 12 months really moved prices.




It’s been an interesting week for market contributors who trade or invest gold. The gold prices traded to a lower low and higher high than the last week, while the overall change was just a fractional loss of around one dollar.

The week begun with the high gold price, $1300 but as the week proceed the prices kept on decreasing and faced the lowest price on Wednesday, $1274. By the end, it had traded back to $1284. It recovered back to $1280 by the end.

According to a report of MarketWatch, Colin Cieszynski, CMC Market’s chief market strategist, said “I think the big rally last week off $1,200 priced in a lot of the current political uncertainties. There hasn’t been anything new other than the attack in France to change the political outlook over the last 48 hours and even then, the election result is a toss-up.”

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect those of Bullion Mart. The author has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of information provided; however, neither Bullion Mart nor the author can guarantee such accuracy. This article is strictly for informational purposes only.