This is not necessary. Unless you instruct us to process certain items separately, all material will be molten and assayed together.

Market values for gold & silver are quoted on the basis of metal delivered in 400 oz bars and 1,000 oz bars respectively. If delivery is taken in this form then no bar charges apply.
If delivery is required in another denomination, then a bar will have to be especially made by a refinery to meet that request. A bar charge is the cost charged by the refinery for manufacturing that bar.
Bar charges are levied on a per-ounce basis with smaller bars costing more per-ounce to make. It is therefore wise when requesting physical delivery of gold to ask for the largest bars available since this will reduce costs.

Yes, you need to produce your valid ID (like Driver’s License or Copy of Passport or any other valid government issued photo ID) in order to buy or sell your metals. However, if you do maintain account with us then you don’t need to produce your ID, just tell us your account number, and that’s it.

With every investment one decides to embark on, there are certain risks associated with it. The fluctuation of value of precious metals can rise or fall quickly, resulting in a way of investment that is not for everyone. Before investing, one should ensure they have ample capital liquidity. We at the Bullion Mart are happy to answer your questions you may have about the market, but it is still best to consult with your financial advisor.

Yes. Upon purchase of your physical metal, you may carry with you for no additional charges.

Bullion Mart accepts certified cheques, bank drafts, Paypal, and wire transfers. In limited quantities, cash and debit cards.

Yes, if they are government issued bullion coins with a face value.

Definitely. When bullion prices go up, that simply shows that the bullion demand has increase and prices are higher relative to the dollar. We buy bullion at those higher prices because our customers will be paying us higher prices. The bullion markets are very simple: prices are simply re-adjusted in terms of how many dollars will buy an ounce based on the supply and demand on the bullion market. Everyday, each precious metal is traded for dollars, and conversely, dollars traded for the precious metal. Price is the balance between the two.

Private gold ownership in Canada has no size limitations. You may buy as much or as little as you please.

No, the “spread”, or difference between the buying and selling prices allows dealers to stay in business. The precious metals business is a very competitive one, and the profit margin, or spread, is very small compared to almost any other inventory business. The Bullion Mart is determined to provide the narrowest spread possible for the bullion- buying public.

You can use the registration link at and fill it up, and send it to us. If you need any assistance then you may talk to our sales team or account executives to complete the application form, and get it done by phone, email or fax. Or you can call @ 416-928-0707 for further details, and to set up your account.

Opening an account with Bullion Mart presents many benefits such as forward booking, advance selling, placing an order overnight, and low premium on your account. As can be seen, setting up an account cuts down on time and is an efficient way for you to buy and sell your bullion in our physical location and our online store .

You have 3 ways to buy and sell precious metals. the first one is Visit our online store buy hovering on “Shop” tab in our website and choose the type of metal you wish to buy and enjoy. The second way is Visit Our physical location at 27 QUEEN STREET. EAST SUITE #1104. TORONTO. ONTARIO. M5C 2M6 and we will be offering you the best price in the market. The third way is Contact Bullion Mart sales representative using our contact page and place your order it’s as simple as that!