2016 $10 Maple Leaf Silhouette: Canada Geese – Pure Silver Coin

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The maple leaf is the centre piece of the Canadian Flag and is arguably the nation’s most recognized symbol at home and abroad. With ten different maple species growing across Canada, there are bound to be maple trees near every lake or pond where Canada geese live. Just like the widespread maple, the Canada goose is another icon that’s found from coast to coast, even flying as far north as the Arctic during the summer. In true Canadian fashion, the Canada goose is steadfast and strong, and fiercely loyal with breeding pairs remaining together for life. Two of Canada’s most widely recognized icons brought together in the frame of a fine Canadian silver maple.

Two Canada geese and a maple leaf come together seamlessly in this clever design by Canadian artist Trevor Tennant that takes full advantage of the coin’s unique sculpted shape to position two geese within the lobes of the leaf. Every detail of the geese is visible, from the beautiful plumage of their wings to their signature white cheeks. This design is a quintessential Canadian scene of waterfowl feeding in the shallow water at the edge of a pond or lake. Ripples in the water enhance the leaf’s texture while a branch in the background doubles as the leaf’s veins.

This beautiful coin is a must-have acquisition for collectors of all kinds, and will appeal to bird watchers, nature lovers, and people who appreciate the beauty of art,particularly when it has a distinctive all-Canadian flair!

Diameter: 39mm
Material: Silver
Fineness: 0.9999
Bullion Weight: 0.504 Troy Ounces
Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse: Two geese within the lobes of a maple leaf
Artist: Trevor Tennant
Finish: Proof
Series: Maple Leaf Silhouette
Quantity Produced: 22000
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Theme(s): Wildlife/ Maple Leaf

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