2016 $200 Tiger and Dragon Pure Gold Yin Yang coin

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In the Chinese culture The dragon and tiger symbolise harmony and the balance of power. The Dragon is the celestial guardian of the east, it represents those of royal blood. The tiger is the celestial guardian of the west, it represents the luck and prosperity. This Gold coin with a square hole in the middle is an incredible representation of the Yin and Yang, with traditional images of the Chinese culture this coin with emits a balance chi energy.

The coin has a square hole in the centre which represents the Earth  in Chinese minting. Above the hole a traditional Yin and Yang symbol is featured. On the right side (East) the image of the mighty dragon is portrayed, as the fierce guardian and protector of the East. The Left side (West) depicts the image of the powerful Tiger that watches over the West.

The reverse of the coin features two phoenixes at each side of the square hole, which associated with the figure of the Queen. The Phoenixes are as the majestic pedestal for the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This coin contains 28.25 gm Pure Gold 99.99%, and its encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clam shell box for safekeeping.

This Amazing coin will bring a balance of energy to your home, it is a great gift for anyone who appreciates Feng Shui, as the design itself brings a sense of harmony. The coin is beautiful on its own, however the cultural background and impressive history behind the design make it an even greater conversational piece.


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