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The Royal Canadian Mint scores big with this unique football-shaped coin. The coin is curved (convex) to resemble an inflated football, ready for play! While a football can soar through the air in a perfect spiral, its motion is completely unpredictable should it hit the ground; just one of many aspects that have made this strategic running-kicking-tossing-catching-tackling game one of the most  popular sports in North America.



The Mint’s FIRST football-shaped coin that is also convex on the reverse for added dimension; a unique keepsake showcasing the latest, cutting-edge capabilities in minting that will be eagerly sought after by collectors!

 Expertly crafted in 99.99% pure silver with a remarkable level of texture and detail.

 An upscale and original piece of sports memorabilia that sports fans everywhere will cherish. The ideal gift to inspire aspiring players or thank devoted coaches.

 A limited and highly collectible keepsake that celebrates one of North America’s most popular sports.


Royal Canadian Mint engravers have meticulously crafted a football that comes alive in this coin’s

unique shape and convex reverse. While there are minor differences in the specifications for the

footballs used by the various football leagues in North America, this design showcases all the

standardized features of a modern Canadian football: the leather panels, “night stripes,” and laces that were once part of the manufacturing process but are now used to maximize grip.

Theories abound how the football got its distinctive shape, but one thing’s for sure, it’s not the result of deliberate design, it just evolved that way. One theory suggests the first footballs some 170 years ago simply took on the shape of the pig’s bladder from which they were made. Even when the switch was made to cowhide and rubber, early footballs were difficult to inflate and were consistently lopsided. This warped shape proved to be a lot easier to carry and throw, and when players began using the forward pass in the early 1900’s, the football was deliberately designed into the elongated shape we see today.

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